High competence of our experts is meant to be the strong advantage of the Auditing firm “V.I.P. Audit”. This is achieved by the means of permanent exploring diverse issues of economic activity as well as involving professionals each of which has gained considerable experience in certain area of expertise. There is no doubt that ordinary in-house accounting department can barely employ such potential. On the basis thereof, we bindingly declare that there is no clients’ problem, which the Auditing firm’s experts cannot deal with

Бухгалтерське  обслуговування
Accounting services
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Аудиторські  перевірки
Audit - more
Відновлення  бухобліку
Restoring of accounting records - more
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Супровід  проектів
Projects maintenance - more
Довідки  та консультації
Counselling - more
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Інші  аудиторські послуги
Other auditing services - more