Court proceedings & mediation

Day-to-day realities of economic and social life presume close interlacing of diverse public and private interest, coexistence of which is, unfortunately, not always harmonious. As the result, different conflict situations may arise. In this respect role of judicial and non-judicial relief effective usage is constantly enhanced.

The Law firm has gained considerable experience of participating court proceedings in civil, criminal, commercial and administrative cases. We provide competent representation of our clients’ interests in wide range of lawsuits concerning: property, land, taxation, banking services, IP, unfair competition, urban development and more.

Within each lawsuit handling, our experts employ prudent and personalized approach striving to attain maximum effect for client rights and interests’ protection.
Besides that, the Law firm makes good use of instruments of non-judicial dispute resolution, in particular, letters of claim and pre-arbitration notices. Moreover, we represent our clients’ interests within mediation procedure which comprises establishing a constructive dialogue between parties to the conflict.