Notarial services

Except for legal support you can apply to the Law firms for notarial services, access to which is possible by the means of involving a private notary officer we work closely with. Among the abovementioned services are:

  • notary acknowledgement of contracts, other commitments and legal circumstances;
  • issuance of certificates of: succession right, of right in share in joint property of marrieds, of right in property acquired through open auction and more;
  • notary acknowledgement of authenticity of signatures, copies of documents and their translations;
  • performance of enforcement inscriptions, protesting of notes and bills, accept of documents, funds and securities on notary deposit;
  • registration of rights in property and their restrictions and encumbrances, providing information on such rights, restrictions and encumbrances from relevant registers.

In addition to high competence and considerable experience the notary officer is able to employ promptly any of the Group of Companies experts’ that brings protection of your rights to maximum effect.