Taxation & state authorities’ intercourse

Business’s effective functioning in Ukraine is to a large extent determined by reasonableness and deliberateness of intercourse with tax, other state control and law enforcement authorities.

The Law firm provides prompt and competent response to state authorities’ requests as well as legal protection of our clients’ rights in the course of inspections and other measures of control. In particular, we perform detailed analysis of circumstances, which served as a cause of attention from state authority, and complex assessment of client’s financial records and other documents. As the result of the foregoing steps we work out a set of effective measures aimed at situation in question to be proceeded constructively. It should be noted, that we employ personalized approach to working out of a client’s behavior strategy in the course of inspections and other measures of control in order to provide balance of protection of our clients’ rights and compliance with requirements of law.

The Law firm provides legal support of challenging of state control authorities’ decisions (tax assessment notices and orders, resolutions and prescriptions etc.) as well as actions and omissions of their officials.

Besides that, the Law firm’s experienced advocates promptly and competently protect rights of our clients in the course of questionings, searches, seizures and other measures taken by law enforcement authorities within criminal law proceedings.