Personnel audit

Failure in staff organizing is usually revealed when company’s monetary and/or reputational losses have become imminent consequences. Personnel audit is one of instruments which enable to avoid abovementioned negative occurrences and help to find out and evaluate personal capacity of employee as well as explore their compliance with certain corporate culture requirements and value orientation. Every so often certain means of personnel audit help to define motive and retarding forces inside a company with regard to its employees. Personnel audit is perform in order to:

  • evaluation of company’s human resources and formation of effective management team;
  • educing of promising employees and formation of development programs for them;
  • educing of inappropriate employees and formation of their termination strategy;
  • evaluation of staff loyalty and contentment level.

Within personnel audit our experts perform professional testing, monitoring and evaluation of motivation system. However, we look beyond the foregoing directions and are all set to analyze any other areas of company’s activity on demand of our client.