Recruitment is the main service rendered by the Personnel agency on request of national and foreign customers. The whole recruitment process can be divided into four stages:

  • defining of a request content (vacancy’s particular characteristics and candidate’s specification);
  • search for candidates;
  • selection of candidate;
  • employment and adjustment support.

At the first stage the Personnel agency’s experts scrutinize customer’s area of activity and carefully analyse information regarding vacancy, company’s personnel policy, goals and needs in sphere of human resources and particularities of recruitment process. Furthermore, we seek to initiate direct contact with company’s management in order to clarify the request content and particular characteristics.

The second stage encompasses: search for candidates in the Personnel agency’s own database as well as other dedicated sources, informing customer of search results on the regular basis (at least once a week) and interviewing a candidate in order to define his work experience, goals and reasons of job search, professional responsibilities. Unless it is otherwise stipulated by the customer, we require each candidate to provide at least two references from previous employers.

At the stage of selection we provide our customer with information only regarding those candidates who totally complies with requirements of the latter and got through “filter” of previous stages. Candidates are presented in the office of customer of the Personnel agency at coordinated time and in format which meets customer’s interest.

Within employment process at the fourth stage issues, connected with dismissal from previous job, obtaining of any documents, required for new employment, according of any formality, etc., frequently arise. As usual, the Personnel agency handles all issues mentioned above enabling employee to concentrate directly on his new responsibilities. Finally, the Personnel agency guarantees candidate’s adjustment support within his new employment.
The agreement between customer and the Personnel agency contain warranty statement of the latter. The Personnel agency thereby undertakes to perform, at its own expenses, search, selection and employment of a new candidate in the event that previous one, who was employed in the result of Personnel agency’s servicing, resigned for reason beyond the control of the customer.

Our experience of work for many years in the foregoing area acknowledges that the described algorithm of cooperation enables our customers to receive maximal commercial effect from employing reliable and competent staff with minimal expenses.