Accounting services

The Auditing firm provides maintenance of accounting of any legal entity and sole proprietor on day-to-day basis. In fact, the foregoing servicing prevents our clients from necessity of employing an in-house accountant. Alongside with that, the Auditing firm has gained considerable experience of support and coordination of in-house accountancy departments’ activity in a constructive way while servicing clients within the foregoing area of expertise. The main accounting services rendered by the Auditing firm are following:

  • maintenance of accounting pursuant to unified methodological basis, stipulated by the Law of Ukraine on Accounting and Financial Reporting, and with regard to distinctive features of client’s activity as well as recorded data processing technology;
  • taking all necessary measures in order to prevent source documents and accounting registers from unauthorized and concealed rectification;
  • preservation of processed documents, registers and reports within mandatory term;
  • preparation and submission of tax, statistic, financial and other types of reports;
  • supplying clients management with full, credible and objective information of client’s financial standing, results of activity and cash flows;
  • assessment and payment of taxes, levies, charges, salaries and other payments etc.

In addition to that, experts of the Auditing firm are all set to fulfill any other function within an accounting area of expertise.