Acknowledging that contractual relations constitute basis of entrepreneurial activity, the Law firm offers its clients wide range of services within foregoing area of expertise - from complex due-diligence of current contracts to legal support of prospective bargain. Our experts will not only offer you a draft of any standard contract (supply, construction, lease etc.), terms of which meet all particular characteristics of your activity and duly protect your interests, but work out an exclusive agreement needed for certain goal achievement. We will help you to estimate possibilities of prospective bargain, find an escape from disadvantageous project, draft of alterations and amendments, aimed at your rights and interests protection, and prepare all accompanying documents, needed for accounts and tax returns. At the same time we move beyond mere paperwork and are all set to provide complex legal support of whole process of bargaining. The Law firm’s experts will not only represent you at negotiations but moderate them, enabling you to focus at the crucial thing – taking the decision.