Ideas, values, opportunities


Idea is taken as a basis of any social life occurrence. Being embodied into an act of volition, idea creates business, organizes and manages it. When endued with a value, as a summary of significance and practicality, idea is able to harmonize, raise effectiveness and develop. Otherwise, it destabilizes, inflicts harm and dilapidates. That is why the concept of “idea” and its “value” appears to be the basis of consulting – an activity of professionals in diverse areas of expertise, that is aimed at producing valuable ideas, needed for wide range of managers in order to achieve their goals.


Foregoing convictions were put into practice in 2005 by the means of incorporation of the group of companies, united in striving to produce valuable ideas with the view of consulting under the slogan “Valuable Ideas Providing (V.I.P.)”. Subsequently, aforesaid slogan was transformed into the Group of Companies’ name – “V.I.P. Consulting”. Welcome to V.I.P. Consulting Group of Companies’ corporate website, with the help of which we hope to offer you a longstanding and fruitful cooperation!


We are strongly convinced, that formula of stable, fast-growing and successful business consists of compliance with laws and regulations, economically justifiable plan and effective personnel resource. Following above said reasoning, V.I.P. Consulting Group of Companies carries out activities in the area of business counselling on legal, economic and IT matters. Described corporate structure of the Group of Companies guarantees our clients a complex problem-solving approach with no need for various external experts engaging as well as their work coordination and monitoring.