Legal counselling

Legal counselling

from 1 000 UAH

Verbal or written advice about options for action and/or about how the law regulates the action for specific situations.

With respect to enormous scope of rules, that regulate entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine, legal counselling is still in demand up to date. The Law firm’s experts have required qualification and sufficient practical experience in order to counsel our client on matters of civil, commercial, employment, land, tax, customs, administrative, criminal and other areas of law. We are all set to provide legal counselling on any issue which, in our clients’ opinion, needs to be accorded with a lawyer in any format whether it is oral or in writing, via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face meeting. Results of dedicated legal researches are set forth in form of office memorandums or legal opinions on the Law firm’s letterhead and signed by the Managing partner.

Besides that, the Law firm offers running of methodic events (trainings, seminars and more) for our clients’ employees regarding main principles of legislation, which regulates their employers’ activity.

With respect to particular characteristics of your activity, our experts will work out an appropriate event program, prepare relevant methodic materials and run the event perfectly.