Registration & licensing

Registration & licensing

from 1 000 UAH

Necessity to comply with variety of formalities goes along with business at each stage of its existence whether it is company’s incorporation, obtaining special permission to provide certain kind of activity, closing of a business etc.

Successful passing through the foregoing procedures is impossible without competent legal support. If you decide to employ our services in the area incorporation, we will draft relevant constitutional documents (memorandum of association, charter, by-laws and more) with respect to your particular needs, file all registration forms and applications, pay all state fees in your favor and provide seal making as well as banking accounts opening. Moreover, we offer our clients wide range of services regarding closing of a business, including support of formation and functioning of winding-up committee, cancellation of company’s registration, closing of banking accounts, transferring of company’s documentation to state record-keeping office etc.

In addition, we offer our Clients a wide range of services related to the termination of their business activities, including the formation and documentation of the work of the liquidation commission, concepts of accounting in state authorities and other authorized organizations, closing bank accounts, excluding relevant records from state registers, organization of transfer of documents for storage in archival institutions, etc. Also in demand are the services of the Group of Companies regarding legal support for the issuance of permitting documents (licenses, permits, approvals) and the completion of other permitting procedures.

Typical cases
  • Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs (FOP)

  • Registration of termination (liquidation) of the activities of companies and individual entrepreneurs (FOP)